Reply To: Where are the good long term buy-to-let markets in 2015?


I would strongly recommend both Barcelona and Madrid where there are shortages of good rental properties.

We have lived in Sitges, which is 36 kms from Barcelona and a popular commuter belt and resort in its own right, for 15 years. There is a consistant demad for decent rental properties.

The rental return is not high but should meet a reasonable LTV mortgage and starting from the current low point capital appreciation could be significant on a medium term basis.

when buying look at taking over existing mortgage(s) which can often work out cheaper than starting a new loan. There are no buy to rent mortgages but as long as the rental agreement is properly drawn up, important! then you are reasonably protected. You will need to think about employing a local agent both for sourcing tenants, agreements, references and for property maintenance/inspection in your absence.