Reply To: Paramount theme park in Murcia

Mark Stücklin

In this week’s Economist Magazine there is an article titled ‘Bumpy Rides Ahead‘ about theme parks in Europe opening whilst the sector is still in crisis. In this article is says:

And a giant theme park and resort with 15,000 hotel rooms, also based on Paramount Pictures’ films, is due to open in south-eastern Spain next year…….One reason such grand designs are still on the table is state help. The EU has contributed €16m to Paramount’s new park in Spain.

I presume they are talking about this Paramount theme park in Murcia, the subject of this thread. Opening next year  😯 . Don’t they know it’s dead in the water, beset by bankruptcy rumours? They haven’t started breaking ground so how could they possibly open next year?

Is there another Paramount theme park project in Spain that I’ve missed, or is The Economist badly informed on this issue?