Reply To: Importing money


Thank you Mark and other respondents.

We are heading to Mallorca next week to sign contracts and open a bank account, among other things. We have made contact with two banks (Caixa and  BBVA) and have arranged meetings.

I didn’t phrase my original question well. I have a forward contract with a Forex Co in the UK. They will forward the Euros needed to complete on the property on the 1st of July (the date set for the signing of the deeds). In other words, I send the A$ to the Forex Co on the 1st July and they send the Euros on the same day to a bank I specify. My question is, where should the money normally be sent? To my bank account or the account of the Lawyer or the bank account of the Notary? We will be meeting the Lawyer next week but it would be nice to be better informed before we meet.