Reply To: Andalusia demolishes more British-owned homes

Aunty Val

Words can’t encapsulate just how much this stinks.

The people involved always seem to escape any real punishment…

1. The lawyer who bought the house for them? Still working no doubt and giving “great” advice to anyone who pays his fee.

2. The agent selling the houses? No doubt sat in a bar somewhere.

3. The lawyer acting for the builder/promotor – still working and seeking new builders he can work with!

4. The town hall architect/secretary/mayor – all were probably well aware of what was happening but turned a blind eye to obtain more income for the coffers.

5. The venerable Junta de Andalucia who also turned a blind eye to any local events which they were happy to accept taxes for but didn’t really “own”.

That’s a list of people that should be investigated/charged/jailed for their involvement in something like this before a demolition order is considered.