Reply To: Spain's export-led recovery comes at a price


Heh, strange you pick up on an overhang of 1.7 million homes in that article, when you published a report just a couple of days back stating “The supply of unsold homes in Spain will shrink to 563,000 units in 2015, a 40 percent decline from 2010”  SPI Report

Not sure either that RR de Acunya are doing their prestige any good by crying “we saw the crisis coming in 2007!”  Everyone (almost) saw the crisis coming by then, even the pensioners queuing in the bank run outside Northern Rock. If they shouted about predicting the crisis in 2004/5 they’d gain more credibility…

Personally I can’t see prices going up much until rents start to rise – ok this may be happening in 1 or 2 overheating places like Barcelona and central madrid, but rents are still very reasonable in much of the country.