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I think Chopera you have distanced yourself too far from the common man.

Whilst I agree with most of your post, when it comes to ordinary people’s dreams and aspirations being shattered your statements are perhaps unwittinglycruel.

Professional investors are a different beast. They fully understand the market implications and when they lose it’s simply an occupational hazard.  They never bet the farm on anything.

Ordinary people by that I mean the average working man or woman have no sophisticated access to market data. No knowledge of the dangers of investing in countries like Spain. No highly paid consultants to advise. I have heard it said many times, “Spain’s in the EU so it must be OK”.

Sites such as SPI should try and fill a void. Not simply reinforce peoples aspirations.

The public are encouraged by advertisers and just about everyone else to have aspirations, ambition, dreams. It takes a lifetime to learn how to achieve these things safely. Most don’t have the time or the inclination to understand how. They want it now and if they have liquidated their life savings in order to achieve it they will use those funds to get that dream regardless.

You seem to believe that it’s just tough if they fall into the hands of the spivs. That’s market economics folks. I believe ordinary people who have worked hard, paid up and played the game all their lifetime deserve nothing less than the protection from governments who have a duty to regulate markets properly so it’s impossible to lose.

France and Germany can do it effectively, why not Spain?

Markets such as the Spanish property market are almost totally unregulated. Sham protections are punted by both banks and developers. Rural land is illegally given building permits. Corrupt officials and lawyers look the other way.

I have bought land and buildings in the long and distant past that was mortgaged by other people, long disappeared. I have bought urbanised land only to discover years later it was in fact designated rural land.

It’s still possible in 2014 to buy a property in Spain that carries someone else’s debt. I have been round the business block many times yet can still get caught by the corrupt behaviour of the Spanish. What chance do ordinary working people really have?

You may not have much sympathy for foolish risk. Yet sometimes it’s all people have to improve their lives.