Reply To: How Long Should Spanish Property Stay on The Market?

Fuengi (Andrew)


at 140k i’m not suprised. assuming its one of the 110m2 properties there. How can it be valued at just over 1200€ per square metre. You can find cheaper nearer town, beach or other golf courses.

Problem is how many of those agents are actively trying to sell the property instead of just having as filler? is the agency anything more than a website? Are the vendors informing the agencies? etc…..

Interstingly quite a bit or money in that area. I think the issue is the product. IF you go inland, you have a certain idea of what you want from a property. Independent property, maybe a finca with land, or you buy in a town for the whole ‘authentic’ experience. Why would you buy in an isolated urbanisation on a golf course where all the properties are on top of each other? Not knocking the idea, just why in alhaurin instead of Mijas Golf (for example). There only reason they sold in the first place was because the other golf course were alot more expensive at the time. I don’t think many thought out the long term.

Yes price should reflect it.