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I think this is a bad idea.

The positive impact – for me – would be a lot of new ethnic restaurants and shops, revitalization of the neighborhood, and new life for La Monumental.  I feel that Muslim immigrants saved the Raval from further despair and I frequently go shopping there and this would be closer to home for me.

But the negatives outweigh the positive:  The corruption and human rights abuses in Qatar are well documented.  They may lose the 2022 World Cup and they put a poet in jail for life because he criticized the government.  With Qatar’s sponsorship of Barca, I think further examination of this project is warranted.  Just what is Qatar’s interest in Barcelona?  Is this really the government that Spain/Barcelona wants to be linked to?  Are there really 40,000 Muslims in Barcelona?  If no, why is such a large structure needed?  Are there plans for massive immigration into Barcelona?  Does sponsorship of Barca and now plans for this mosque in Barcelona fit into the rumored plans by extreme Muslim groups wanting to ‘reclaim Spain’ ? (Yes, I know – that’s a stretch but I’m guessing that some are thinking this.).

If this project does move forward, there needs to be strict rules regarding maintaining the architectural integrity of this historic structure.  I don’t support adding the minaret unless it 100% fits with the existing architecture.

Lastly, while I find it quite soothing, I don’t think that Spaniards will accept the adhan, the Muslim call to prayer that is noisily broadcasted via loudspeakers from the minaret 5 times each day, starting at daybreak.  Minimally, there needs to be discussion, planning and rules regarding this.   Being awakened quite early in the morning or from an afternoon siesta every day may  result in some very short tempers.

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