Reply To: Market revival?

Fuengi (Andrew)

I have no idea if in general the market in improving or not. If it is, we’ll be able to tell in a years time or so.

What I will give is my personal view (for what its worth). Shops, bars, restaurants are still closing, but I am seeing a lot more new businesses opening as well. In general i am seeing fewer empty ‘locals’.
In my area loads of new agencies have opened up, but they seem to be flybynight operations. 2 desks in a rented office and a membership of a MLS database.
I personally have been very busy this year (shant complain!!) but that could be for a variety of reasons, not that there are automatically more clients. We may have just ‘captured’ a larger share of the market than in previous years.
We have definitely noted a shift in buyers, with far fewer spanish buying. Whereas previously they were 60/70% of ours buyers (average 2011 to 2013), I would say 20/30% this year.

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