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      Anyone reading this post who is having problems with a property purchase due to Spanish Bureaucracy
      or concerned at what is happening to Innocent hard working people, TELL YOUR EURO MP!!

      Especially if you are in Zurgena or surrounding districts! The time to act is NOW! ๐Ÿ˜ก

      Use the following link to send them your message

      Prepare your message in M/Word format or similiar and copy/Paste it into the “Add Your Comments” box!!

      We need as many people to do this as possible, if you do it once, then do it again & again & again &again! We need to make our voice heard!

      Pass this message on to anyone who you know, post it on other forums, anything to make OUR voice heard!!

      The time to act is now!!!

      Thanx to DannyBoy for the work!


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      well done for setting this up, have written to my euro MP this morning. All very straightforward to do, using your system.

      Its all very well us grumbling to each other on here about the fact many of us have been conned by dodgy developers/agents/lawyers, but we must as you say, get the message to the people that could/should be able to make a difference.

      C’mon everyone, lets get the ball rolling!!!!!!

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      Thank you Sandy. I too have written to my Euro MP.

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      I have checked out the website and noticed that there are many Euro Mps.
      representing the main stream political parties.

      Who should I be writing to ? or does it !!!!

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      I too have just sent a message to my MEP. I’d already sent one some time back to my MP but got no response other than a press hand-out that told me absolutely zero! Still, she’s New Labour so what was I expecting?!

      I don’t know if it matters which MEP you contact – hit ’em all if you want – it’s very simple to do and if it makes them take notice, so much the better.
      I’ve targeted the Labour guy to see if I get a response. If not, I’ll hit the rest of them!
      Great suggestion Sandy! Hope everyone contributes.

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      Of course I meant the MEPs listed for your area.
      Sorry if anyone got confused!

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      Thats Great Folks!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

      Just what we needed!!

      Send your letter to ANY & ALL the political factions, the more they get, the more they will have to listen! We will vote for the one who helps us the most, so if your reading this MEP’s, GET CRACKING!!

      Also send to this link

      Michael is the guy off of Eastenders, now a MEP and Vice chairman of the Petitions committee. He has been very successful in getting changes to the Valencia land Grab laws, so he already has the contacts!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      See his work at

      Cum On!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

      Thanx to Beachcomber for the work

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      Hello Sandy,

      I complained to my MEP in Brussels about my court case in Spain 1 1/2 years ago – it went from one court to another and one court kept my court papers for 8 months.

      My MEP made contact with the Consultate in Alicante and they said they could not intervene in the Spanish legal system and could not help me any further.

      I am sorry to bring this news to you but I only speak from my own experience.

      Perhaps I could try once again a different MEP.

      Wishing you all success.


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      Here is an extract from an article copied from yesterdays Mirror!

      Some builders and developers took shortcuts amid allegations of bribery and blackmail and dozens of politicians and planning officials have been arrested.

      Bruce Bucknall of the British embassy in Madrid, said: “This sounds like a terribly sad case, similar to many that we have come across.

      “Our strong advice to anyone considering buying property in Spain is that they should seek advice from a lawyer before entering into any commitment.”

      The European Commission, which is tackling the issue, has received 15,000 complaints – but these are the tip of the iceberg.

      Keep them letters going to your MEP. We need to shout LOUDER!! ๐Ÿ˜›

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      Its qiute normal for MPs or MEPs, to act as a glorified post office, ( no wonder their main cost after travelling and staff is postage.

      I have used MPs in the Uk and came accross this culture. The MPs will deal with cases that they know very well there is no solution such as Council housing, immigration etc. Its a paper chase.

      While you are not asking your MP to take a view of the judgement that the court ruled. You had written to him of the workings of the court and the system that under pins the legal system.

      I would have like to know how the MEP, would have replied if the case you brought up was, for money laundring, terrorism, and othes which becomes a political hot issue.

      I may be cynical but they are parasite breeding in the name of democracy, and citizens right, the truth is very different.

      Of course this does not mean as a Citizen which should give up on the contrary when you approach them you should be resolute anddont let them fob you off in a diplomatic manner.

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      As promised, we said we would update you when matters moved on!

      Well, Today we got our first reply from an MEP! ๐Ÿ˜€

      Here,s the letter !

      Dear Mr xxx,

      Thank you for your email and I’m sorry to hear of your terrible
      situation. With your permission, I’d like to forward your email
      to the Petitions Committee secretariat so that your query can be
      officially submitted as a petition. That way, we can ask the
      Commission to look into it and see if we can find a solution. I
      cannot guarantee that we will be able to solve the issue but I
      believe that this process is the best way for us to act on your
      behalf here in the European Parliament.

      Please let me know whether you agree to such action and, if so,
      someone from the secretariat will be in touch in due course.

      Best wishes,


      So, events are moving on!

      We think they will use “Example cases” to fight the overall problem. We will continue to put our case forward but will need other examples to go forward aswel. PM your details (email) and we will be in touch to get your information to go forward with ours! If we have several cases going forward, then if one gets solved before we get to Brussells, then we can push the rest forward as “Prime Examples”.Also if our own problem gets sorted, it will leave the path open for others to pursue “Energetically” their own cases!

      It will however , be a voice for everyone affected by unjust property laws & it’s affects in Andalucia, and possibly wider! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      Had another reply from OUR MEP. as follows:

      “[Thank you for contacting the office of Diana Wallis MEP. We are making some preliminary enquires on your behalf, a full response will follow in due course.

      Angela Hunter – Assistant to Diana Wallis MEP]”

      The MEP’s ARE responding, it is important we keep sending requests for help and our case history’s! If we keep the pressure on they cannot ignore us,. WE will be heard in Brussels!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

      Has anyone else heard?

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      We have had a reply from our labour MEP.

      She has agreed that our situation is unacceptable, and is forwarding a copy of our letter to the European Commission responsible for Consumer Protection, and has said that she will be in touch with an answer.

      I Will let you know if anything comes of this, i think if enough of us shout loud in the right direction, we will be heard!

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      Well folks,

      A bit of good news, ๐Ÿ™‚ but overshadowed by the recent bad news!! ๐Ÿ™

      Another update !!

      Today we have received a Official reply from the Secretary-General of the European Parliament in Luxembourg.

      It states that our Petition has been formally registered and will be discussed to see if our case is admissible before the European Parliament.If so, We have to go to Luxembourg to state the case and have it translated into Twenty official languages for discussion within the European Parliament.

      As we have had a sympathetic reply from the Vice-President (Our MEP) I think this will see the “chambers”!

      If you have not yet written to your MEP, do so now!! WE NEED THAT LOUD VOICE NOW MORE THAN EVER!!

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