Why no interest in Castellón’s Costa Azhar?

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      Mark Stücklin


      Castellon’s Costa Azahar, between Barcelona and Valencia, just below the Ebro river delta, is a lovely part of Spain notwithstanding a few localised horror shows like Marina D’Or….

      [caption id="attachment_50874" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Marina d'Or on the Costa Azahar, now in administration Marina d’Or on the Costa Azahar[/caption]

      People always say they want the “real Spain” and the Costa del Azhar is it.

      Sales are increasing on other coasts, and prices stabilising, but not here. And there’s quite a lot of stock for sale, so it’s probably the best place to go bargain hunting for a holiday home.

      So why is nobody buying there? Any ideas?

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      Cristian Selected

      Demand too low, offer unlimited…..
      Nobody will by if prices still expected to be lower…

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      Lovely part of the world, although likened to living in the ‘boonies’ by an expat resident I once met there.

      Minimal ‘holiday’ infrastructure and a 150km or so journey to the nearest international airport are probably factors.

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      Mark Stücklin

      It’s one of the places I would consider if I was looking for the “real Spain”, as many people claim to do.

      There is such a big supply of bank stock I would think you have plenty of choice below replacement cost. I haven’t check that though.

      Iano, you forget they have their very own airport ;-). Shame it’s not open.

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      Mark Stücklin

      I saw this in a recent press release:

      Martin Dell of Kyero comments, “Castellon is one of Valencia’s most interesting cities and largely unknown up until now. The opening of the Castellon airport is likely to see a localised property boom, with prices rising and international interest in the area really taking off.

      “As well as the city of Castellon itself, nearby Peniscola, Vinaros and San Jorge also look set to benefit from Spain’s ghost airport finally gearing up to receive the international jets for which it was built.”

      The rise of Castellon is certainly bound to pique the interest of property investors looking for Spain’s hottest investment location in 2015. Many will want to act quickly, before Castellon is ‘discovered’ by too many more people. This traditional country house, with three bedrooms and generous plot of land, just 24km from the coast, costs just €160,000, while this modern Peniscola penthouse with pool and sea views is on the market for €199,950.

      As the story of Castellon airport unfolds over the course of 2015 and travellers start discovering this delightful coastal city, it will be fascinating to see how the property market there flourishes now that the ghosts of the past have been banished to the history books.

      Meanwhile the latest figures show the property market still shrinking in Castellón province.

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      Carlos Pool

      Hello, it’s Carlos.

      This is a very interesting discussion, guys (I want to thank to Mark for opening it). I was born in Castellón de la Plana some years ago (Castellón de la Plana is the capital city of Provincia de Castellón (Spain is divided among “provincias”). In this “provincia” we can find towns like Villarreal (I bet you know this), Benicassim (very famous for music fans), Oropesa del Mar (15 kms far of Benicassim) or Peñíscola (famous for cinema fans). Less Villarreal (near but not beside), the other ones are beside the shore.

      Mark’s question is absolutely right. I has been wondering the same last months. I think could be due for several issues:

      * Unlike other Spanish’ coast. In Costa Azahar we can find a lot of summers residence owners who come from Castellón or near. I don’t know exactly why, but this part of Spain is more valuable for Spanish people than foreigners. Maybe because you can’t find there any British pub or German supermarket? In this point of view is very different of Mallorca or Malaga.

      * We have a Spanish expression which says “La gente va donde va Vicente”, would be something like that (People goes where Vicente), that means people goes where other similar people goes. And I guess British people goes where others. Maybe is due to be the talk of the town too).

      * I think is possible our “provincia” hasn’t needed to exploit his potential touristic resorces because, traditionally, it has had a very high economical position (there are a lot of companies there).

      * Another hypothesys could that Castellón is, in general, more little “provincia” than others and we are less famous than other Spanish people.

      * I think the Airport point would be secondary, because Valencia’s Airport is just one hour far away by car/train, but yes, as you have written, Castellón´s Airport opening was just one week ago. Maybe when flights were on Internet Castellón would be more famous?

      I don’t know. In the meanwhile, I’m selling an absolute bargain (the base is absolutely awesome, very near to Oropesa and Benicassim beaches). You can see at this topic:

      Nice Bargain at Costa Azahar. 50% Off. Luxury Property. Mediterranean Seafront.

      I sell for personal reasons, so if anyone of you could advise me some good-working house state for selling, I will invite you a cold beer in Castellón in the future 😉

      Best wishes,

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      Mark Stücklin

      Castellón – Costa Azahar airport is now open.

      Low-cost carrier (LCC) Ryanair is to be the first airline to operate scheduled services from Spain’s Castellon Airport, which has been empty since its opening four years ago.


      Taking of Castellón airport, check out the sculpture that cost €300,000 and is already reported to be rusting.

      © http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Sanbec

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      First hand, few people in this area are speaking other languages so that can be an impediment.  For example Alicante area is preferred by foreigners, Javea where 51% of the population are foreigners, Calpe , Moraira …. and so on.  The economy is really bad in this part of Valencia community. Castellon airport will schedule first Ryanair flights in September – October this year and maybe that will improve a bit the economy. Also Valencia started to be more demanded in tourists plates, so we have to stay optimists about.

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