What happened to the 2% listings

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      .This is an extract from another site people on the Costa Del Sol should find of interest
      This is probably what has happened as the sales staff are still commission only as far as I know.

      I also got calls from extremely angry vendors to whom xxxx had charged €1,500 for having listed their property, under promise of returning the ‘conveyancing fees’ once sold. To these vendors we were instructed by manager xxxxx to talk into converting their contracts from the 2% agreed to the newly established 7.5%. Furthermore the thousands of properties listed under the 2% agreement contained in xxxx database were moved to an “expired” category internally, meaning that these were no longer available to the public at the website, nor promoted by the company despite having charged for it. But do note that xxxx refused to return the monies received to discontent vendors.

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      Oh dear.

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      It was always just a cash raiser to get the company out of trouble. I know people who paid money upfront too. I have also heard other things about this company which I won’t mention on here…give them a wide berth.

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