What constitutes a legal house?

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    There is so much going on at the moment, properties being demolished, properties being looked into by the Junta because the licences issued by the town hall in Vinuela have been challenged by the Junta.

    How can anyone ensure that their house is legal?

    Some of the properties in Vinuela are up to 10 years old. I thought that the Antiquity law covered this situation, i.e. after 4 years if the town hall or Junta haven’t started proceedings against the owners, then the house is considered legal.

    I thought that if you had an escritura and the property was registered in the land registry then that was that.

    Can anyone let me know what documents are needed to ensure that the house is legal.

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    A house is legal from a town planning perspective when it has all the building permission required (Licencia de Obra o Primera Ocupación, cédula urbanistica etc).
    Sometimes the authorities in charge of granting licenses approves a permission without legal formalities, then this license can be voided by a Court or by other authorities but the buyers or other injured parties can sue the Town Hall, the Mayor or any civil servant or Government agency for damages
    In certain towns and Spanish cities you have to review the permission granted because it could be “illegal”. If an expert analyzes the whole file of a permission he realizes that it is clearly against the law.

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    thats all very well..but we buy a seemingly legal property have everythig in place..the junta come along and say knoc it down..we are homeless while we sue the mayor town hall etc etc ..so what do we do then?

    we wabnt legal and peace of mind..

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