Warning: this is what can happen without a LFO

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    Anyone contemplating completing without a LFO, based on bull**** promises by the developer should read this:


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    I know a couple of developments where purchasers will have to watch this particular point:

    “According to the Ayuntamiento most Homeowners on this Development owe fines because the buildings do not in all cases meet the original Building Licence that was applied for. I have been told I owe several thousand euros that will gain interest if not paid”.

    Developers are alway altering the original description when they actually come to building –
    why should the purchasers have to pay the fine? đŸ˜¯

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    good advice as usual. I feel i’m banging my head against a wall though sometimes, i recently posted on another site explaining why we would not complete, due to clear breaches of contract and still no LFO, and we put the deposit down in june 2002! (nearly four and a half year build time!)

    The answer i got from one person (linked to guilty agent or developer i wonder?) was that i am ‘a pain in the arse’ because i wont complete and keep highlighting the problems at Angel de Miraflores, and the best thing about the development is the fact i wont be there!

    Nice eh’

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    That is why SPI is sooo good and towers above many others. Mark monitors it and we rarely get “trash” people posting, who add no value to the forum. đŸ™‚

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    Charlie I have just looked at the link you posted. We looked at Las Lomas in Frigiliana. It is beautiful. They were building two more villas and had we known we would get our money back in May last year we would have seriously considered buying one!!( we got the plans and spoke to the developer) đŸ˜¯ We, as you know, go to Frigiliana once or twice every year. There has been a great deal of development there over the last couple of years(sadly). The same problems exist there as everywhere else on the CDS. We know of many expat residents who have moved in without LFOs, and are not connected to mains supplies even now. Even those who have bought quite old Spanish properties have problems. Usually it is their lawyer who is the culprit!! One couple I met through some friends have a real horror story to tell, just because the developer did not adhere to the plans granted. It’s a minefield!

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