War in Lanzarote – Round 2

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      Read it quick, it might not be there tomorrow as the very last post says – today is a Fiesta and the administrator of the forum on the link below has likely not seen the debate in its entirety.
      If you need background – see my previous thread entitled War In Lanzarote.


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      No, it’s still there! More power to the usual very conservative Lanzarote Gazette for letting it run.

      Now, how about a much more important debate about the major Lanzarote concern that regularly takes out double page spreads in the Gazette, Buzz and any other mag that comes along selling luxury (former timeshare) apartments, when it’s at the centre of a 150 million euro law case in Madrid spearheaded by the thousands of former owners who are alleging they were cheated out of their properties?

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      Hi Dr Robert,

      I think the establishment you are talking about will NEVER be exposed as I don’t think anyone (apart from perhaps the most illusive man in the world) really knows what went on there.
      In fact, I have it on good authority this week that the place in question has changed hands yet again – but this time, only good is to come from it.
      We shall see….

      Meanwhile, I think everyone reading this forum should grab a coffee – or three – and go through this whole debate as only now some “answers” are appearing about IHT, Succession Tax, Domicile etc etc. and it is all interesting stuff.
      Amazingly enough, both of the ORIGINAL combatants are now head to head on a public forum and not actually going against each other in a monthly publication with big adverts.
      Even more amazing – confusing maybe – is that the ORIGINAL argument is still raging…who is right and who is wrong???
      Get the latest here http://www.gazettelive.com/forum/index.php?topic=325.0

      I think this has a l o n g way to run yet.

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      In November 05, in the Lanzarote courts, thirteen French couples were awarded 215,000 euros compensation against said former timeshare establishment. Whether or not this money has actually been paid is something else, of course! 13 down, 17, 987 to go!

      What have you heard about the take over? Does this mean that the long-standing managment (and the mysterious Mr Big) are out?

      As you say, the wills debate is fascinating. A world removed from the usual stuff about where to buy British teabags in Lanzarote!

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