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    Hi  all,

    looking for some guidance as doing my first property purchase in spain have agreed a purchase i have already found a firm of lawyers from the UK gov website contacted them and also met in their office last week when i was there TLA Lawyers in Quesada the person i meet seem svery compident but i have since found out she is a legal assistant and not a lawyer does this work similar to the uk where a lot of solicitors use assistants to do a lot of coneyancing work would the assistant be covered by indemnity insurance if there were a problem also any advice on the silly reservation deposit would be a great help


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    Mark, I think these are all things you should be asking TLA Lawyers dont you?

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      Mark – Please do not give any funds to anyone until you are 110% sure – Don’t wish to go into all the detail here but it is a way of the estate agent securing his fees before you have completed your purchase.
      I would suggest that the only people you give funds to are the lawyers. My experience saw me taking the estate agent to court to have a 100% guaranteed refundable reservation deposit returned. I won the case but still waiting on my funds. The estate agent simply shifted their assets so we could not seize anything and the law can do nothing yet they continue to trade from the Same office in San Pedro -Plaza Vista Alegre, Liars crooked thief’s

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    Thanks for the replies as I felt the reservation is just a way of the agent getting his fee upfront I have instructed my lawyer to only deal directly with the vendors lawyer, funny I have not heard anything from the agent since i refused to pay a reservation,paying for searches and part of my lawyers fee is commintment enough to buy, why do the try to insist on this they dont do it with spanish buyers. We are more than happy with the property and have no intention of backing out unless there is a problem, as you know with property you can never tell. Seems to me there is an opening to do the job honestly and upfront .

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    Conveyancing: A lawyer can certainly have trained assistants to help with conveyancing. What it is important, is tha continued training and review of their work

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    Felix Torres

    True. A lawyer have the trained staff  which assist them during the case. Did you got your property in Spain? My friend also faced the same. He too assisted a lawyer which can help him to get the property by following every legal law. Also view this link for more info!

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    Thank you all for your replies

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