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    hi. I am new to this so please bear with me. We are about to close on a 2 bed apartment in Murcia, but due to family circumstances will not be able to proceed. In the initial contract we do not read anywhere that there is a time limit on closing or any penalty for same. Can the developer force us to close within his time frame or do we have some space to attempt selling. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and if more info is needed I can get same posted. Thanks.

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    Hi Optimistic
    this really is something you should be asking your lawyer – especially as many answers depend on the exact terms in your contract and how ‘helpful’ your developer wants to be.
    Wish you good luck.

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    Have you decided to close or has the developer requested completion? If he has you may be able to offer them extenuating circumstances to get more time, although usually this will be limited. If you are waiting for the licence of occupation, then you can use this to stall until it comes through.

    If your place is completed or near, it will be easier to sell, but there is a lot for sale and you may have to be flexible on the price!

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    Hi all, thanks for your replies. I am speaking with my lawyers. I hope we can get a delay. Yes we are willing to take a cut on price and loose money if it comes to that. Where would you recommend advertising, website, auctioneer, other. If web, can you please advise (hope this is ok to ask) what ones that have a higher success rate. We tried auctioneers, but they were not interested as they said to many for sale now. But as I said earlier we are willing to take a cut on price. Thanks for your advice. I/we really appreciate your help.

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