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      I apologize for being somewhat geeky. But perhaps you may be able to help me.

      My wife and I have paid a deposit on a house to be bought off plan in Cadiz province. This happen about three years ago.

      The construction of the house was completed about 15 months ago but the construction failed to meet our expectations on several counts.

      1. It did not compy with the plan. Things like wardrobes which were shown on the plan are not present in the house.
      2. It did not comply with the proposed finishes. Things like the floor tiles to be installed in the entry hall were changed. The contract says white marble, the result is a kind of pale gravy colour.
      3. It was not a satisfactory build quality. This is the most extensive group of faults. Retaining walls between our property and our neighbour were cracked because they were not correctly constructed. The house has a cellar which was built as a tank and the house was constructed upon it. There was a fault between the house and the tank which was observed from the first inspection of the house and which has allowed water to penetrate the ceiling of the cellar. The ceiling is now fallen down.

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