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    The Prog. last night exposed Polaris World for all sorts of reasons for miselling, failing to complete developments, not allowing people to legally get their payments back (breaching contracts) etc etc

    I believe they are members of the dodgy AIPP, along with Palmera, Superior, Ocean, Atlas ?, and several others who are often mentioned in the Press for miselling and dirty tricks.

    AIPP founded to ‘protect buyers’

    WHAT A JOKE PAUL OWEN (CEO of AIPP) Clean your act up and get rid of the scammers!

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    Hi Paul

    Maybe you can help me with a query.

    I asked for Aifos to delay 2 promissory notes, they agreed but because the promissory notes were never returned to them they claim I have broken the contract.

    Who is responsible for returning the promissory notes ???

    My solicitor claims AIfos should have spoken to the bank to get them returned, Aifos claim I should have arranged it .

    Can you confirm ?

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    There is a post on devwatch re this development.

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    I think that’s more for a lawyer Gary, maybe Drakan could advise you, or possibly Dorothy’s post may help.

    My post was to warn people not to trust the newish regulatory body called AIPP because many of their members have been exposed for miselling and other dirty tricks yet Paul Owen of AIPP is quite happy to accept their memberships, well, at an average of ÂŁ1200 per annum he’s clearly set this up for the nice earner that it is.

    He will tell you though, that if anyone has a complaint against a member, he will investigate. Complete rubbish since he’s written off ALL these dodgy members previous history even though he knows of the clear evidence, and he does nothing to remove the above scammers etc.

    AIPP, set up to protect buyers!!!!! Absolute Tosh, it’s another money making property vehicle.

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