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      As many threads are started from news reports, this is a snip from Prime Puerto Banus.
      If Spain and in this instance Costa del Sol are going to clear up their act they will have to start from somewhere.
      If we are to believe the negative press then why cant we consider that this just could be the start of a new beginning.
      Please dont attack me as I am only posting news like everyone else, however in this case it could be positive and not negative information.
      If we are to believe our sources of information being in the main from newspaper reports should we not have the full picture?

      Frank 8)

      THE winds of change can be seen clearly in the new Marbella, or to be more correct, the Marbella under a new municipal government. Now we have councillors who do more than travel to courthouses every second day to answer criminal charges. Now we have plenary sessions to which members of the public are present not to heckle the opposition, but to observe the machine of local government in action. Now we have political debate rather than insults and unquestioned loyalty to a leader. The centre of power in the Marbella Town Hall has shifted from private offices and vested interests to the Town Hall itself, where proper management of municipal affairs is the order of the day. Now we have, at last, the kind of normality in the Town Hall that does not attract the paparazzi or the television cameras. In fact, the balance of the first hundred days of the new administration in Marbella could best be described as normal.

      A hundred days ago, the voters of the municipality elected ángeles Muñoz as their new mayor, and with this election, they were voting for a recuperation of institutional values in the town. Behind lay 15 years of GIL government and a year of provisional government under a non-elected temporary administration. It was a period during which democratic values had been twisted out of recognition, and decency in public life had become a bad joke for the people of Marbella. The temporary administration laid the foundations of a everywhere start, and the new elected administration is building on these foundations. At last, the people of Marbella can enjoy the benefits of a fully democratic local administration.


      Honest government again

      An indispensable starting point

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