Tinsa Index – June

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    Published tomorrow:


    General -6.6% (April -5.9%)
    Costas -8.7% (April -8.1%)

    That is a few months now of increasing falls. More than a ‘blip’ now I would say.

    Don’t have the peak (Dec 2007) to present figures yet.

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    Inflation adjusted, prices in the Costa’s are back to around August 2003 (24% inflation since then)

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    ‘I love the smell of Napalm in the morning’ – (OK, who said this and where?)

    There is NOTHING pointing to light at the end of the tunnel in the Spanish property market and with all the back-end issues that banks still have to tackle (they are trying too, but if you cannot trust/value sovereign debt, some of their biggest positions), property closures will continue to shrink.

    You may have reasons to buy and be in a position to buy, but nerves of steel is a prerequisite!

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