Thousands of younger people protest for the right of housing

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    Yesterday thousands of younger spaniards protested for the right of a home. Young people in Spain feel frustated about how much time they have spent in University while price of houses rose by almost 200% (even 400%) so now they are now out of the market and with poor salaries.

    The recents actions of the goverment (200 euros/month) for people with less than 30 years on rent help has not resolved the problem but it even has worsened it so now owners have risen the rent price by 200 euros or even more so people who are out of the 30 years range will have even more difficult to find a home for their family even in rent mode.

    I have always believed that this problem will be not resolved by the goverment but by a very severe crisis in the country like the one it seems that is arriving to our sunny country.

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    Would it not be a good idea for some local authorities to buy up empty unsold blocks? In the case of marbella and some others they could even make developers give them a block in order to make the others legal 🙂

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    Too much like common sense, Katy.

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    Perhaps young spaniards should raise a sum of money with donations and them bribe locals authorities to develop more social houses.

    That has worked before! 🙄

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