This property is offered by company A, License partner of B?

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      Ladies and Gentlemen!

      I will appreciate if I could receive some clarification of the statement in the post subject, which included in the advertisement of an apartment, which is interesting to me.

      I visited this apartment some time ago with an agent. There was an old couple, who permamnently lived in this apartment, and my definite understanding was that they were the owners. Later, I found an advertisement of this property on the web-site of the agency, with this mysterious phrase: “This property is offered by company A., S.L., License partner of company B. S.L.?

      Does it mean that the real owner of the property is Company A? Or the relationship and the situation are more complex?
      What are potential consequences for me if I decide to buy it? E.g., Multiple commissions, legal complications of the trabsfer of rights for the property? Other?

      Thank you for your understanding.


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      Ask the agent for the nota simple which will show who the owners are. They cannot refuse your request by law.

      With regards to multiple agents, they are ultimately paid by the owners from the price agreed so if you do buy it at the price you are happy with, they will sort themselves out re fees etc.

      If its owned by an SL, if you are buying with finance you have to buy in your own name and they keep the sl – no implications for you but likely tax imlications for them. If you are buying cash then your desicion whether to purcahse the sl but most lawyers will advise stringly against it

      Find out from the nota who the actual owners are first – although really it doenst make any difference to you as the purchaser.

      Good luck

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