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      One thing I have learned from all my letter writing is that there ARE mechanisms in place that could help us in our various and diverse difficulties but that, in the end, they don’t because they are hedged around by legal safety clauses, by interminable bureaucracy and by human error – intentional or otherwise.

      The legal safety clauses are necessary, but only frustrate us lay people as we stumble around them. One state cannot be allowed to interfere in another state’s legal system. That is as it should be. Bureaucracy can be encountered just about everywhere in the world, clogging perfectly good systems and making nonsense of them. And as for human error – where do we start?

      At the very least, I now know that there are people acting on our problems – some very hard and who are as frustrated as ourselves: we are not being ignored and maybe there will be a positive outcome for everyone eventually. I also know that, because of my letters, my case is known and registered in several places. I would urge others to do the same. This is not to dilute Suzanne’s petition, but to strengthen it. I should point out that my original letters were written before the petition was ever mentioned on the Forum.

      A second thing I have learned is that as I am in the middle of a court case, like so many others are who write on this Forum, I am absolutely stuck. There is no One and no Body who can help me other than my (very good and able) lawyer who I have learned to trust over 15 months of working with him. He, unfortunately, is at the mercy of Spanish law and it’s appeal system. I am forced to wait for a resolution.

      Anyone who is not involved in a court case, however, does have some opportunity of movement through El Defensor del Pueblo (Spanish Ombudsman). His brief extends to investigations of agents, developers, etc. but not statutory bodies or banks (buggeration). But he is definitely worth a try.

      I have placed the latest replies from officialdom on the thread ‘Problems, problems – Letters and Contacts’. Not a lot that’s new – it’s just for the record.

      I’m watching with interest the threads re the fall of the judiciary. I searched in vain the responses I received from the various officials for the word ‘sanctions’. I would dearly love to see it. Those of us who are old enough to remember will recall that we did it in the Franco days and we can do it again now if we so choose. The EU Parliament need to be made aware of that.

      Suzanne, I wonder if you are any closer to making public the wording of your petition. I would urge you to consider pressing for sanctions if it is going to the EU. Are you nearer to the sending point now? An update would be very welcome.

      I have probably exhausted all my enquiries now but should any further information be sent to me at any stage, for what it’s worth, I will of course let you all know.


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