The arrogant face of corruption

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      It seems almost daily now we are reading more stories on corruption, the latest regarding corrupt judges and Aifos being just one of many showing how deep-rooted this corruption is in Spain.
      The continuing saga of Juan Martin Serón, the recently re-elected Mayor of Alhaurin el Grande who is still protesting his innocence re. corruption really typifies the open arrogance that these people show for the rule of law and respect for decency when holding an office of power.

      A police report just published on the case says that the Mayor and his town planning councillor, Gregorio Guerra, charged a fixed rate of 6,000 € commission for every extra illegal dwelling built in the town, and 80 € per square metre when building was greater than authorised.
      La Opinion de Málaga has printed the transcripts of phone conversations between the Town Planning Councillor and local builders, speaking clearly about the demands for ‘extra’ payments.

      When about 200 local people accompanied the Mayor in a protest at arrests of local builders/developers recently, now we know why. They all had 6,000 € ‘investments’ to protect.

      The money was collected via payments made to a local businessman, Manuel M.M. from the Conextran company, linked to the Mayor’s wife.
      No wonder Conextran’s website states: “We have all the requirements necessary to execute any work that one wishes with the security that we will obtain its approval”. 😉

      Why is this man still sitting in his Mayor’s chair instead of being arrested…..along with his wife?
      In my view they, and Gregorio Guerra, are no better than Rocca and Yague.

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