Talking about crimes in Spain.

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      Two incidents.

      1) Around 1978, I was buying a one bedroom flat in Moriara, Costa blanca the price was £15,000 ( yes you read it correct) this was before money laundering act took over I lives.

      I took the £15,000 in cash to complete the transaction and got to Alicante in the evening (friday) and went to check in the Hotel only to find out that I had left my briefcase with the money, credit cards, passports etc in the Taxi. The hotel phoned the Airport police and it turned out that the taxi driver had handed over the contents of my briefcase. After verification the police suggested I get to the airport to reclaim by belongings. I did not have the cash to get to the airport so the Taxi driver brought it to my hotel and got a very decent tip. The property was purchased the following day Saturday.

      2) A Spanish friend of mine who is married to an English copper, had a mugger got into her apartment lift in Barcelona and at gun point asked her to hand over the money. As it happened that her father had given her a lot of cash to bank. she handed all of it to the mugger, who just took Pts 5000 ( €30) and returned the rest, thanked her and left. Her English copper husband to this day do believe her.

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