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    I currently have a property in Asturias whose layout, would lend itself to creating 2 properties instead of one – there’s a sort of 2 storey wing on the side of about 150m2 useable space that would make a lovely little holiday home.

    Has anyone got any commentary about:

    a) the process for doing this?
    b) what are the cost considerations of doing this?
    c) the ease / time required to do this (I’m in Asturias)?

    Any other hints / tips would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance,


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    Hello, as you may be aware that regions in Spain have different rules. I am sure Asturias is no exception.

    As a rule if the foot prints of the building are not altered. it should be straight forward. As you may also be aware that nothing is straight forward in Spain. The reasons could be the last works done may have been illegal, the planning department or other department making money out of you, others invloved maning money out of a confusion or creating confusion due to a disjointed system.

    If I was you. I would speak to one or two reputable gestors.

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    Hi shakeel,

    Many thanks for the reply … I guess I need to speak to the local guys if there are regional variations ….. time to see the Mayor.


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