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    Hi all,

    I’m starting to produce market reports on video. You can watch the first two reports here:

    Spanish property market reports on video


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    Hi Mark,
    Interesting report. I do couple of sugguestions, which I would like you to cover if possible in your Feb report.

    1) As you know in any Country there are variations. The genral comment does not apply to the different regions as they have there own varations. Can we have this please as this will help people who may for reasons of choice or economy may not be able yo afford the costas, Barcelona, Nadrid etc.

    2) I also feel that we should have an unbaised report on the corruption situation and actions that are being taken by regional/central Govt e.g Valencia Land grab, Murcia, Marbella etc and its implication and your vision as to how it would pan out in the short/long run

    Cheers and have a very good X mas

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    Thanks for your input Shakeel.

    I will be producing video reports on a variety of different topics, and in one of them I will tackle corruption, land grab, etc.

    I take your point about regional variations.

    Any other requests for topics people want me to cover in a video report just post them here.


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