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      An article in El pais yesterday states that some spanish developers have started to invest in countries such as Romania, Poland and Bulgaria. Named are Fadesa, Acciona Inmobiliaria, Lar and Sando. Seems most of the projects will be commercial offices.

      Could soon be seeing a “Eastern Europe Property Insight” 🙂

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      Must be why several new developments are springing up in Bulgaria with complex names beginning with the name Costa Del 🙄

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      This not new apart Fadesa building in Wilanow district of Warsaw and I beleive that they also have a project in Poznan and Budapest in Hungry.

      Realia is working with local builders and other not so well know builder one that I know are in Krakow,

      The Spanish builders are also doing other infrastructure projects as Roads, bridges etc

      Warsaw airport I beleive is being done by Agroman.

      Let us not go to Eastern Europe they are also building very close to the Med in Morocco,Fadesa has many big projects. The son of Jesus Gill the ex mayor of Marbella himself was the ex mayor of Estepona is doing a project in Tangiers.

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