Spanish bathroom fittings better than British equivalents?

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      Is it just me, or are Spanish bathroom fittings, taps, loos, that sort of thing, much better than in the UK (generally speaking)? They work better, and often look nicer.

      Anyone else get that impression?

      Thanks to useless Ferrovial / BAA unable to deal with a bit of snow I’m stuck in London with my family, worried we won’t make it home for Christmas. As you can see, during my time kicking my heels in London I’ve been developing strong opinions on bathroom fittings. Also explains why I haven’t been in here much, and might not be until after Xmas.

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      At risk of causing wrath I agree with you but only on the newer types! The old fittings of the 80s and 90s werent too hot. Many English homes have Spanish tiles and fittings nowadays too!

      You are bored arent you – and you are only missing the rain here. 😀

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      To put the spanners in the works. What British !!! Everything is coming from China, sold at normal UK prices. i.e. we are sold crap for a very high price. ( So where is the business secretary)

      I would have Roca anytime to Twyfords !!!!!!!!! Wrath I am sure you can take it.

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      i am a tiler and most of the stuff i use is spanish even my tools are rubi,alot of the jobs i do the loo and basin are roca and you find more and more that the style of fitting with the shut off valves in the walls is becoming more like the spanish

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      @shakeel wrote:

      ….we are sold crap for a very high price. ( So where is the business secretary)

      He’s busy at no. 10 getting his backside spanked.

      “If they push me too far then I can walk out and bring the Government down and they know that” he said.
      Yeah right, Vince. Do us all a favour and retire gracefully.

      Bathroom fittings? Italian ones reign supreme in Greece. But in my view, you can’t beat Grohe.

      @Inez wrote:

      – and you are only missing the rain here. 😀

      20 degrees and sunshine here! 😀

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