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      Amazing amount of headlines on here lately, here’s another of some importance though 😉

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      Thanks for a bit of realism as opposed to the “insight” we are getting from those property agents et al headlines recently.

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      “Realism” 😆

      Despite the knockers and the “uncompetitive” euro, export performance continues to astound pundits. Even noticed now by India

      And (as mentioned before) the number of visitors from non-Eu and non-UK sources (ie higher spending visitors) continues to soar.

      The outlook for the Spanish economy? Well, people were mocking the Spanish government for stating GDP would go back into growth in Q3 of this year. Well the amazing thing is, the inflection point has already been reached in Q2 (figures to be published in July) !!! The tide has turned, and there is nothing the lemon-suckers can do about that! 😆

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      Marcos, I see you also now refer to ‘lemon suckers’, maybe you’ve started on the Durian too like your mate 😆

      BTW, are you known as the ‘Minister for Spanish Propaganda’ Stevie on British Expats, I see a few posters there refer to your constant mini links, now whilst you continually think we post negatives, we have posted plenty of positives from times in Spain, I find it hard to find any of your negatives 😆

      I’d hate to think anyone new gets duped by mis-selling in Spain, you wouldn’t want that either would you? ‘The Tide has turned’ you keep saying, is that why homes for sale in Spain have risen by 12.5% according to Acuna? 🙄 :mrgreen:

Viewing 3 reply threads
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