Spain being brought to book

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    A Danish MEP is going to town against Spanish land and property abuses , to the stage where financial aid will be stopped.

    I will believe that Spain will be brought to book and make good all the abuse when I see it. It will be discussed for years and no action taken, I live in hope however. Now could be a good time to bombard MEP´S with e mails ,case histories etc.

    Good article in the Round Town News ,understand the Costa Blanca News has an article on Page 1 with a similar theme.

    As usual Spain will pass the blame to many other factors, blame the British media ,etc .

    Maybe just maybe they will be forced to redress the thousands and thousands of people cheated out of their money.

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    That’s good news and about time too if they have the cahones to get on with it and chase the crooked agents/developers for redress, and jail a few too whilst freezing their bank accounts. 😉

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    Good on him. The question arises that why has the British MP/MEP’s has not done so. There are fever Danes in Spain than Brits. In my experience nobody including the Spanish has suffered in the manner & numbers that the British has suffered to such a wide spread, broad and in most cases organised corruption that is akin to fourth world Country.

    This Danish MEP is not using the excuse of not interfering in a Countries legal system a excuse given by our MP/MEP.

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    why indeed? No excuse, just probably not enough people in their opinion are kicking up a stink, to make them take notice i guess?, which is why i wish everyone would do their bit, and help to force change, by signing petitions, writing letters etc. Everyone involved in Spanish property will gain in the long run, apart from the crooks as far as i can see?

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    I may have posted this incidence in the past of my last encounter with MP. (My MP has a majority of around 14 to 16,000 )

    After, bring a matter on a housing issue and chasing him. When I finally manage to pin him down, he told me he does not have time to look into the issue which I had taken up with him. The issue was not covered by planning, housing regulations, health & safety, Highways ( My, MP was the Housing minister, during Blairs period )

    The MPs are dealing with immigration, Council housing issues knowing very well that there are no housing available. The letters go round & round from his office to the Councils office. In most cases the MP meets the Councilors on a regular basis and are in a position to resolve issue.

    Any, subject, which needs action to be taken that could change, improve the society or the quality of life of the citizens they are not interested.

    The, sooner we understand that the current crop of MPs, unlike the past are in it for themselves and have to interest in serving the people. We will not be dissapointed & not have any expectations of them.

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    It took an Austrian Socialist Euro MP, Herbert Bösch, to call for all European aid to be blocked to the Valencia region until they resolved the ‘town planning abuse’. He also launched a message in Austria advising people not to make any sort of investment in the region.
    He worked hard on behalf of an Austian family, Wesenauer family and personally took up their case.

    There seems to be a different ‘hands on’ approach by these MEP’s as against the “We can’t interfere” attitude of most of ours.

    The attitude of the Spanish Euro MP for the Partido Popular, José Manuel García Margallo was classic. He commented that he feels sorry for those affected, but ‘the European Union has no responsibility for town planning and these are questions which have to be resolved in Spain’.

    So resolve them!

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    I don’t think Spain will ever take this issue seriously. History is already being re-written, the credit crunch/collapse of sterling is being blamed for all Spains property woes. No-one is ready to admit that the bottom fell out a few years ago. All the Spanish I speak to don’t think there is a problem (or don’t care!).

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    Why, should it worry the Spanish !!! They are not the one who is losing their life savings.

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