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      I gather a law is being considered whereby new property in the planning or building process may have to include Solar Panels in the very near future.

      From a conservation and cost saving point of view this is an excellent idea to take advantage of the natural resources, however does anyone have any indication on the size of these panels and where they should be located.

      Common sense tells me they should be positioned on the roof top, but I have been told it may have to be a solarium….. and not a roof top !

      Any feedback is appreciated.

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      Hi Anthony,
      i have been forwarded some info on solar panels and the news i have to hand is,

      the new law affects new builds form october 06

      it only affects buildings over 3,000sq m (but it may filter down, somewhat)

      it is expected there will be 5 million fitted over the next 5 yrs

      a typical 100 sq m house would require 2 2sq m panels costing approx 2,000 euros

      if this affects you, you are a very lucky man LOL

      Chilly 8)

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      If you speak Spanish see the link:

      The thumb rule of calculating the surface occupied by solar panels to supply electricity to a house (home solar system) is as follows:

      for every installed kW(kWp) you need 8-10sq.m. of surface.

      You can also install a solar thermal system that will provide you with hot water. These are usually 1/2 panels with an incorporated water tank.

      Please note that Solar panels can be incorporated on your roof and there are newer products out in the market that instead of panels you can have solar roof tiles. See link of one of the companies that does them:

      Will post some other links with more specific information on what is happening.


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      Thanks for the information and links.


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