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      HI All,
      before anyone rips into me, i did a search and couldn’t find any relevant info!

      If, when we come to Spain to reside, full time, both myself and partner are working full time lol
      what are the implications for social security, i know that as a self employed person i have to contribute €284 (or whatever) per month but does this cover the couple or the individual?

      so if we both work, do we both have to pay this level of contribution or just the couple?

      Also, if the contribution is per couple do you have to be a married couple, does commonlaw have any legal standing in Spain or are you seen as living in sin (without most of the sin)

      Thanks in advance, i know some of you boffs will know the answer
      Chilly 8)

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      Hi CHilly

      not being married (or even have a girlfriend at this moment in time) I cant answer for definite but my understanding for self employed is that if both of you are working you both pay Social Security. However if one of you is working the other can Claim Health care as a family member.

      SO depending on what you intend to do it may be better for just one of you to register until whatever you do us a success.

      Alternatively you may want to consider other methods but this is really the domain of a financial advisor or Gestoria

      Good luck on your move


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      Thanks Vince,
      I think it’s a way off yet, unfortunately, just doing some homework.

      been really busy with work so am trying to pay off as many o/s bills as poss. the tax and vat don’t help, just when you think you’re getting on top, they want their slice, bu99ers

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      Hi Chilly,

      In theory you can walk into the employment offices and get a social security number, don’t need to be working or anything…but in practice?
      You can only claim unemployment benefits after a year of working I think.

      As far as I am aware, if one person is working, you should all be under that social sec number but friends had to get copies of their marriage certs and kids birth certs certified..stamped on the back by some official in the UK before they could do this and it all sounded very complicated!! But when my son needed hospital attention, they just added him to his fathers number at the hospital, no questions asked!

      Other friends of mine who are not married said that they would have to be able to prove they had lived together for a year before being able to put the non-worker on the workers social security number…

      The latest leaflet (bi-lingual Spanish/English/French) I have states that for medical purposes the law is that you ONLY need to present a passport and padronisation at your health centre to claim a health card which enables you to register with the Dr..its still on my get round to it list, but will let you know what happens!!

      Welcome to red tape..if you are planning on moving here, get used to it!

      I still think the Child Tax credit system officials are worse..another story!!


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      Hi Heather,
      thanks for the info, not planning on claiming benefits in Spain, just wondered from a health care point of view.

      Tax credits! don’t even start me, still paying back their overpayments

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      @chilly wrote:

      Also, if the contribution is per couple do you have to be a married couple, does commonlaw have any legal standing in Spain or are you seen as living in sin (without most of the sin)

      The law in Spain does recognise cohabiting couples – either same sex or mixed sex.

      It is necessary to register the relationship. There are details here


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