Should the VAT be reduced ???

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    If we go by the worse scenario that the property prices will crash and in order to soften the blow. Should the Spanish Govertment reduce or charge 0 % VAT ?? on all property related transactions.

    Is it pay back time for the Hacienda. They have been miking the 7% VAT, for years now.

    I, am sure that the Hacienda has never collected so much tax revenue from Almeria region, as they have done in the past few years.

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    With all the extra charges that are raked in on property transactions (double stamp duty on mortgage purchases, double notary fees and therefore more IVA on mortgage transactions as well, to name a couple), money must be flowing out of every orifice in the Almeria region. Perhaps a big reduction would soften the blow, not so sure it will happen in the near future though?


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    markfish: Those taxes and other cost did enter my mind. I did not post them on the forum as it could be argued that is the notary fee and the Banks fee and to keep the local civil service employed. dont even start me on the local civil service.

    Frankly, I do not see why a contract cannot be enforceable if it has not been notarised. Mortgage or any other credit is a good example.

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