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    Keeping our fingers crossed – we have a buyer for our house. Off to Spain Monday we were thinking of taking it off the market, but this couple were really keen and have been back 3 times and love it. They have sold their property so its looking good. Just hope the proposals for the quarry doesn’t change their mind., when their solicitor does the search.

    So may be this time we can realise our dream and buy our dream property in mazarron.

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    I don’t want to appear rude, but don’t you think you might stand a better chance if you told the potential purchasers up front about the quarry? If I was buying and had to pay money to find out there was a potential quarry, I wouldn’t go any further out of principle. If on the other hand they already know, it isn’t a problem!!

    When I bought my first house, a new quarry was planned for the area and prices rocketed. I managed to sell my house with no problems, although circumstances are probably a little different.

    I take it you aren’t having to get a HIP, otherwise the information would be provided in the pack.

    I do hope you sell your house and realise your dream, but just thought I should speak as a third party.


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