Selling Spanish registered car in Spain

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    Can any one please advise me as to the mechanics of sell a car in Spain and what paper work do I need. Spain being Spain I get different stories from different people including that I need to go to the Notary, yes the “N” word.

    Does Spain has a part exchange system ? Is is advisble to do so.


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    Just bought a new car!

    I am not an expert but:

    – I took it for a test drive.
    – Agreed a price, which included the cost of the transfer (in this case 300 Euros).
    – I gave the seller a copy of my passport and NIE info so he could facilitate the transfer (which is in his interests, since he does not want to receive tickets and fines once he has sold the car!)
    – Paid him cash and took the keys. We also both signed handwritten receipts me for the car, him for the cash.
    – He has visited a Gestoria and I can expect temporary documentation in a couple of days, followed by full documentation posted to my address once the transfer is complete (could be weeks, could be a couple of months..).

    Not sure of that is the correct way to do it, but thats what I did and the guy seemed dead straight. Best of Luck.


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    Thanks jvmills, Thank you for responce. It raises certain points.

    1) As you paid cash. How would you know if he was the legal owner of the car and not stolen etc.

    2) What if he does not vist the Gestoria and maintains the legal titles. Yes you did mention about parking tickets etc but does care if the car stolen etc as he has got the cash.

    I know you were trying to help by your experience. My above comments are for provoking thoughts.


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    Your best bet is to visit the gestor together once you’ve sealed the deal.

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    You are both right of course. I didn’t check the history of the car, in England you can do a full credit and history check to make sure there is no outstanding credit or that the vehicle has been written off, stolen etc..

    I guess I went on instinct, he seemed an honest bloke and I fell in love with the car!

    How many stories have we heard in this forum where people buy houses, let alone cars, under the similar circumstances and get their fingers burnt…

    So yes, anyone else considering a car should probably go together with the seller to the Gestor.

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    A’rent we suppose to use our heart only for the opposite sex !!!!!!!!!!!!. Not for machines. I however do understand where you coming from.

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    @shakeel wrote:

    ….. I however do understand where you coming from.

    Venus Shakeel, & Men are from Mars đŸ™‚

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    firstly ask to see the documentation of the car and the ID of the person selling it (as you would if it was a house)If it is the same you can have a certain amount of confidence it is the seller selling it and not stolen – it is unusual for a stolen car to have the name of the owner and the documentation of the owner).

    Then ask to see the last (and preferably previous) tax bills paid. This establishes that the guy is the owner (who else would pay the taxes for a car they didn’t own?)

    Then go to the Gestor together and sign the contract. It is a straightforward process – if a little more complex than in the UK.

    Hopefully then you will have a legit car

    It is a little more straightforward than buying a house because you dont buy off plan, you see the car you are getting, and the licences are inplace beforehand.

    So go with confidence and drive your heart out


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    @vbtudor wrote:

    It is a little more straightforward than buying a house because you dont buy off plan, you see the car you are getting, and the licences are inplace beforehand.

    And, if the worst comes to the worst, you can always sleep in it đŸ˜‰

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