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    We have recently completed construction of a new property. Prior to the build we were told by our architect that we did not need to take out a 10 yr building insurance as we were going to live in the property.
    We have since been informed that if we wish to sell our property within the next ten years, it could be a problem because we do not have this seguro decenal.
    Is it possible to take out a similar insurance after the build is completed, all be it that independent inspections would need to be done? Is it absolutely necessary being that architect certifications and town hall specifications have been met?
    would be very grateful for advise.

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    Im pretty sure you can apply for it yourself – I know of a chap building a villa here who talked about it to me. You need to speak with your arquitect as he needs to provide plans etc and then your lawyer will know who to approach.

    Whoever it is you approach (sorry for being vague, just I dont know the name) actually come out to check the foundations, joists, floorings etc and then give you a certificate which allows you to get the insurance

    What I dont kow is if they had to see the build at certain stages which if that was the case then I would guess you cannot get the insurance now

    Speak to your lawyer and good luck

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    Inez is right.

    If you are a self-promotor you should have contacted them before because they have to come quite a few times along the different stages to inspect, now once the house is finished I really doubt they’ll grant you said insurance.

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    So if we do not have this insurance, will this pose problems if we wish to sell within the 10 yrs?
    Do not the architect and the builder have a responsibility for this period anyway?

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    Yes they do according to the Building Act (LOE). Don’t forget you are the developer it was meant to be you that should have requested this insurance. In any case if the buyer exonerates you from obtaining it in the title deed on selling within the 10 following years there is no problem also in the LOE.

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