Santa Margarita, CDS

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      I saw a post recently about Santa Magerita, I think it was on this forum.
      I drove past the place the other day and here are my observations.

      What looks like a sewage factory is being enlarged very close to SM, and it stinks. I would imagine that the huge chemical plant behind La Linea regularly ruins the “fresh” air too.

      Much of the land looks like it is going to be developed imminently. There have been advertising hoardings for huge office blocks.

      The industrial park next to SM on cemetary road is a “very dangerous” area at night according to a spanish garage owner who repaired my car there. This leads me to my next point -I have heard that the streets on the edge of La Linea closest to SM is where you go to buy hard drugs -“never drive there after dark” I was told.

      There is some sort of big homeless/disadvantaged shelter in SM -I have no idea whether this is well policed or genuinely dangerous,
      but it is just up the road from the crack houses.

      So much of the land has been shifted and flattened in SM. It seems that as soon as have they filled in a valley than they start building. How this won’t result in subsidence I don’t know. & if you travel up the coast, build quality is so poor generally. After less than 2 years many places look shabby.

      If you’ve bought in SM, I’m afraid you’ve had an absolute stinker…

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      my goodness Forestfire you are very negative, it does not matter where in the World you live you can get drugs anywhere if you really want them. The people living in Gibraltar will be very interested to buy a property that they can afford not too far away so that they can go by scooter over the border to work. Yes I do agree about the oil refinery it may from time to time blow over towards Santa Margarita, lets hope they close the place down they should do I am sure it would not pass EU regulations. Perhaps we could ask the french to assist with that campaign. We were going to continue with our off plan but just pulled out recently because of other reasons. i think your last remark could be quite upsetting for people who have got a place there…I am sure you did not mean to be

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