San Juan de los Terreros

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    Have good friends who are close to putting a deposit down on an apartment at San Juan Hills
    San Juan de los Terreros – Mojacar Region

    Anyone know any info good OR more importantly BAD, please

    Obviously I’ve already warned them to check licences etc and use an independent lawyer, any recommendation for lawyers in this area would also be appreciated.

    I think they stumbled upon this development via a friend and a 3 day inspection trip 🙄

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    On a forum like this you will only hear the bad as the happy ones really are not that interested.
    Suggest you look at a balance of forums and get you freinds to ask around and talk to others in the area.
    You advice to them appears sound and would suggest that 3 days is not long enough to financially commit.
    Would they do the same in an area in the U.K when an estate agents takes you to only a few hand picked areas.?
    Sorry Flynn Just noticed and realise that you already live in Spain so you would have given this advice anyway.

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    Have pm’d you a site which might be useful.

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