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    I am a joint owner of a property and have made an offer for my partners half share. They wish to sell but do not accept my offer. I do not want to sell. I understand they can force me to sell through a public auction. Could you advise approximately how long the court proceedings for this would take and how much in solicitors and court fees it will cost?
    Is this a common proceedure and relatively straight forward?
    Many thanks for any advise you can provide.

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    Try speaking with a solicitor who you may considering using is your safest bet.
    Even if a lawyer on this forum gives an indication of fees, not much good if the lawyer you decide to use charges double.

    Surely, no two cases are exactly alike and circumstances, etc., can vary hugely.
    Why not talk to your solicitor on such an important matter?

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    Surely in order to sell…even through public auction will require your notorised signature of agreement.
    Many property sales fall through in Spain because other member won’t sell and they end up arguing in the notories office.
    Think you should seek legal advice ASAP to understand what your situation really is and not what the other party have led you to believe.
    Be sure to take all relevent paperwork with you otherwise advice is hyperthetical

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    I’ve just answered your PM


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