RSPB Condems Catalan Bird-Hunting Plan

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    ‘An outrageous proposal by the Catalan government could see British nesting birds being illegally hunted as they pass through north-east Spain during their spring and autumn migrations.

    The RSPB, working with SEO – its Spanish BirdLife International partner – is fighting the regional government proposal that would permit Catalonian hunters to use the so-called traditional practice of luring songbirds, by playing their songs, to branches covered in glue. Once caught, the birds are then ‘plucked’ like fruit from the trees. Many birds suffer horrific injuries, such as losing legs, before being killed.’

    A friend has emailed this to me. There is an on-line petition. Please sign it:

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    Thanks for making us aware of it Suzanne. I have signed it and will forward it to all I know.

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    well done for highlighting this hideous act of cruelty. Spains abuse of animals and total disregard for their suffering is well known in so called sports such as bullfighting, but glue in trees??, this reaches new depths of cruelty that i for one didn’t know exist.

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    Fuengi (Andrew)

    Hi Suzanne, this organisation is also trying to get this stopped through a peticion.


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    There are some Spanish people who seem to abuse many beautiful creatures. It breaks my heart to see horses/mules tethered, in very high temperatures, on barren land, often rocks and concrete, with no available water or food, for days on end.

    The bird problem is something that has been happening for a long time. There was a television program about it , but it obviously didn’t make any impact in preventing this sickening behaviour. đź‘ż
    With so many of our song birds dying because of a disease this year, it is very sad . We have certainly noticed the declining numbers where we live, over the last two years.

    To get it in perspective though, many British people are cruel to animals in all categories.

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