Royal Cabopino Townhouses

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      Hi to you all.

      Our latest property search is going quite well, we have 5 houses to see again tomorrow before we come home on Tuesday.

      Can any one offer advice regarding the Royal Cabopino development(22 townhouse) built or promoted by Royal Duja.

      All the houses appear to be complete but no for sale boards or anyone living there.

      A google search did not reveal any news

      Is there a legal problem does any one know


      Steve V

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      Are they very near the main road? There are some townhouses there and have been empty for about 2 years (or more) be careful!

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      Thanks Katy

      I will be carefull

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      Royal Duja were Royal Marbella Group in a previous incarnation and implicated in the Marbella scandals + money laundering.

      Be very careful – you don’t want to be the only occupier in a ghost development as community fees and management/maintenance can be a nightmare.

      Good luck in your search. I know that estate agents aren’t necessarily your favourite people but you are welcome to call if you’d like any other impartial and independent advice whist you’re here.

      Sarah Dodgson
      Hermosa Homes

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      Be a bit careful as in that area of Elviria properties were built on greenbelt land.

      You need to check licenses in place – I understand their other developments are fine but would not want to comment about this one.

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      Sarah And Inez are very reliable sources of accurate info Steve. Don’t let a desperate REA from your inspection trip “persuade” you that it is a fantastic place to buy!

      Good Luck.

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