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      Great to see a forum where people can get together
      with their troubles of buying property abroad.
      The views on estate agents in Spain and other countries appear
      similar in as much as that’s what they do for a living i.e. sell
      property or the bills don’t get paid (BUT AT WHAT COST)
      Solicitors the so called professionals in this country hard are hardly a
      bunch of saints are they.
      See also that many big developers appear regularly on our T.Vs
      and cause many a nightmare for people that have bought their property
      in the U.K
      The one thing that has clearly happened is that in at least one country its
      retribution time and attach and article of the self destruction of some that
      bought so much misery on so many.
      What is the view of the forum to help us all in the fight for justice and
      where are we supposed to go from here
      1 Those that have buildings with no L.F.O,who thinks that this will on its
      own be a reason not to complete (I realize that they cant force the issue
      but it appears a state of limbo)
      2 Does anyone feel that this will be a reason to say that as it could take
      years to sort it is practical to say that this is non completion ?
      3 Those with properties that have not been built I understand that after
      much distress many have received their deposits back?
      4 Those with no building licence at all or are in properties where buildings
      differs from what was supposed to have been built.
      I somehow feel that with a few more articles like this an the Spanish
      will start acting soon as this is money we are talking about

      Holiday-home sales drop nearly 60 per cent

      NEWS Staff Reporter

      A major source of real estate sales on the Costa appears to be drying up. Sales of holiday homes to foreign buyers dropped by 57 per cent last year in Málaga province, according to preliminary figures presented last week by the Málaga Builders and Developers Association (ACP).
      In 2005, 12,450 holiday homes in the province were sold to foreign buyers for a total of 1.85 billion euros, representing 40 per cent of the national total of 4.56 billion euros. Last year, the figure in Málaga dropped to 5,500 homes for 800 million euros, just 20 per cent of the four billion euros brought in nationwide from home sales to foreigners.
      As shown by the figures, the sharp decrease in Málaga did not simply reflect an overall fall in holiday-home sales across the country, as the national revenue figure was down just 12 per cent. The trend of buyers increasingly choosing other locations over Málaga is demonstrated by the fact that, for the first time, it was beaten by other provinces such as Alicante and Murcia. The ACP, which presented the preliminary 2006 figures at last week’s FITUR tourism tradeshow in Madrid, says there are many factors at play in the decline in sales seen in Málaga. One obvious one, it says, is the ‘Malaya’ town hall corruption case in Marbella and the concern it has generated over the possible demolition of thousands of homes, creating a “climate of insecurity.” The association says the Junta de Andalucía’s planning and land-use policies are also creating an “unprecedented sense of uncertainty” among builders and developers.

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      why is the CDS in particular, hell-bent on self destruction? Surely there has been enough lessons learned by ‘the powers that be’ to act fast and tell the world they are changing NOW. Untill that happens, i can’t see confidence returning, and even then most people will take some convincing! …… money money!

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      Hi goodstich

      The answer I fear is just greed and nothing else and now
      they have killed the goose that laid the golden egg.
      Everything is tomorrow ,tomorrow (in Spanish of course)
      and really don’t think they know how to deal with the realities of today.
      Those realities will start to bite however when the Spanish government see how much revenue they are loosing
      Totally agree that people will take a massive amount of convincing and the only possible way is bringing the whole sorry issue to the boil.
      Perhaps other countries that are also being dragged into the 21st century will have the spotlight on them one day and we can dream I suppose that this area will have a relatively clear bill of health by then (I did say dream)

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      There is nothing wrong with money,money, money, in this context , its much more in Uk, The difference is that the regulatory bodies have teeth and the legal system works.

      As a major financial centre , you can understand where it would be.The business world works on good faith, confidence and where there is breach of this. It has to be under pinned by the legal system that works in a timely manner.

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      yes, i think we are saying much the same thing, i was really refering to the fact that the huge sums of money involved in such a relative short time have lead to corruption, as you say though it’s down to regulatory bodies with teeth that could have guided that in the right direction, if they could be honest of course?

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      We are indeed.

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      To quote Kipling I think “If you can keep your head while all around are losing theirs” – Anyone reading such negative comments might think buying a Spanish property is as dangerous as being a milkman in Bagdad. Get a grip everyone and remember for every bad experience (mostly self inflicted anyway) there are dozens of happy customers slurping cheap red wine and laughing at the UK weather forecasts. It would seem sky TV was invented to make us ex pats appreciate what we have….I´ll drink to that! 😆

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      And I’ll just drink! hic.. 😯

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      Cheers inez what ya avin mate 8)

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      Well soon as I get out of here I reckon a large glass of red!

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      And thats a very east/south London saying.. Wotcha

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