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    Perhaps a topic that may be of interest to viewers of this forum.
    A progamme on the BBC this evening regarding what entitlement they may have or may not have when retiring abroad.
    There appears to have been changes in legislation in Spain,France and other countries which may have profound effects on retirement plans.
    Can anyone clarify the situation in Spain as on a quick interview it appeared that the government says this is a U.K problem to look after the elderly and sick.
    Probably we dont say the same about those retiring here ?

    Frank 8)

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    This was covered on the BBC website last year, prompted by a change in the French stance to the number of English retirees.

    The change will only affect those individuals that are below retirement age and have taken early retirement. If you are actively seeking work, are employed or have reached retirement age then you will have medical cover

    full story

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