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      I have a finca in Asturias, with two barns. We bought it four years ago and registered it with the local land registry at the time.
      It has a low value and therefore the town hall told us at the time that we did not need to pay IBI because the valor catastral was so low.
      We have just started the process of trying to convert one of the barns into a house, which to cut a long story short means the town hall requires that we have to be paying social security as farmers. One of the documents we have to produce is the certificate of IBI so we asked the town hall for this and they said that on the Catastro records the property is still registered with the previous owner.
      What do we need to take to the Gerencia Catastro in order to change it into our names? Also, how long does it take to be changed?
      Thanks, Melissa

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      You normally have to inform the catastro that you are the new owner within 2 months of purchase. What is more, the notary and property registrar should also have notified the catastro of the change in title.

      I hope one of the lawyers will correct me if I’m wrong on this, but to the best of my knowledge the most convenient place to update the catastro is via the town hall. You will need a copia simple, NIE number, and a photocopy of your ID. I don’t know how long the process takes, but I imagine a couple of months.

      Please let us know what happens.


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      Well we thought that the notary and registrar should have done it, but when we asked at the town hall, they said we needed to go to the offices on Oviedo. As long as we only need the documents you mentioned we will be fine, it was just that I couldn´t find any information about it, I suppose because the notary and registrar usually do it.
      Hopefully there won´t be any problems in Oviedo, thanks for your reply.

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      Just to let yoy know that the form you need is the 901N, which you can find on the Catastro website

      Click on the right hand box named Modelos de Declaracion de Alteraciones
      and the forms are listed and available in PDF to print out.

      With it you need the original and copies of the escritura, NIE and passport.

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