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      For Sweden individually. Divide the numbers with around 9 to get the wage in euros.

      Average wage per year = 45 333 euros Median wage per year = 37 333 euros Average age = 31,8 years Experience in the field 4,4 years

      Medellön = average wage
      Medelålder = average age
      Erfarenhet = Experience in the business
      Lön = wage
      Andel = quota
      Medianlön = median wage

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      Those are some pretty high salaries for what appears to be little work.

      Makes me want to avoid using a agent if possible.

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      Fuengi (Andrew)

      that because the information in crap.

      Most real estate workers will be autonomo, not salaried staff. And if we are talking about salaried staff you would be refering to receptionists, PAs, managers, etc…. And I would be suprised if the avergage is 6000€ a month.

      If that is the average, I going to start looking for an new job with some of these companies!!!!!!

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      In Sweden most are not autonomos but work on pure comission. I worked on the same premises in Spain but someone told me it was not even legal. I can imagine that it defeats the purpose of a minimum wage which we don’t have over here. I can honestly say that real estate agents over here really deserves their wage. You have to sell around a minimimum of 3-6 sales per month to even stay alive. It’s very different here though since the hardest thing is to fight for the opportunity to sell someones property which is about the opposite way of working in Spain an most other countries. Selling have never been a problem. I might add that I got tired of working like this so I’m currently doing other things.

      Everything sells in about 3 weeks and it has been that way for the last 20 years. Most sales are done by auction which in 99% of the times goes up around 10-20%.

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      Most of the people I knew on the CDS worked on commission only. OK in the boom years but can’t be good now.

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