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      Damas y Caballeros,

      I am still looking to buy a 2B apartment on a costa, and I have come across some ads in agencies (inmobiliariars), which I would like to better understand. I have three questions, which are currently important for me, and I hope that the honarable site users could kindly help me.

      1) The ad says: “Tipo de obra: Segunda mano”.
      It has been already self-evident that the ad is NOT from the owner, so does this Seginda mano say that there are to or more agencies involved?

      2) The ad says: “Sup. Habitable: XX m2 “. The apartment has a big terrace of about 20 m2. I am afraid that the surface of the terrace is FULLY included in the TOTAL surface habitable = XX m2.
      I spoke to the agency, but they could not show me the apartment, being vague about the reason why they could not.
      My question please: What is the practice of Spanish agencies? Do they FULLY include the terraces and balcomies in the total surface or at 50%?

      3) Where one could read about the rules/laws regulating the so cold “Plus Valia”.

      Thank you,

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      Segunda mano just means that the house is secondhand i.e. a resale.

      Terraces etc should only count towards the sq m at a rate of 50%.

      Plus valia is a tax that should be paid by the vendor. In the past many vendors have tried to offload this onto the purchaser or split it half and half but in this buyers’ market I wouldn’t have thought this would be a remote possibility if they want to achieve a sale! Agree this beforehand, and have a read of http://iabogado.com/esp/guialegal/guialegal.cfm?IDCAPITULO=11080000

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      Dear Hillybilly,

      Thank you very much for your prompt and informative reply.
      Please allow me to come back once I read the referenced text.

      Thank you again,

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