Pulling out of a Contract after exchange

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    I purchased a property through Instant Access 3 years ago. It was Off Plan. The builder is San Jose. We have visited the site 3 times staying in an earlier phase. Each time we go we check the prices at the Sales site. Each time they are about 10k euros lower. We have seen similar properties selling for 40k euros less than the 209k euros we agreed to pay. We have now decided to pull out even though we have exchanged.

    The contract with San Jose says we are liable up to 20% of the sales value.
    Are there any legal precedents on this?

    Thanks John

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    Hi John.
    Sorry to hear of your situation, if you don’t mind me asking which one of there sites is it that you are reffering to.

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    Hi Ken,

    The site is Playa Golf 3 in DeHese De Campoamor.

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