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      I hope someone can help me here.

      I bought a house recently in an urbanization. Last night I went to the community meeting (5 hours in length) and was appalled to realize one of the owners/comittee members has 40+ proxy votes which basically means he has control over the urbanization! In fact as he disagreed with the current President, this chap proposed, had seconded (by non attending owners) another president – a friend of his – which we found out doesnt actually live in the urbanization. This new president is apparently coming here to live in April.

      This controlling vote is un democtratic as it is used in the interests of one party only and is not necessaril;y even the wishes of the majority as if they are absent they have no idea what is being discussed at the time.

      I could rant on about this but does anyone have any similar situation and is there any law against this at all?

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